Client profile: Biogas power plant development cluster

Challenge: Existing biogas and biomethane production technologies have major shortcomings in terms of sustainability, such as methane emissions in the biogas treatment process or relatively low methane emissions in the biogas itself, which makes biogas production and the use of biomethane economically unprofitable.

Solution: As a solution a innovative digital research laboratory was set up

A digital solution was applied in order to increase the research facility and cluster's overall smart infrastructure. The new digital laboratory consists of: 1. Laboratory device for CO2 digestion with CO2 2. Laboratory equipment for the primary purification of raw biogas 3. Laboratory equipment for separation of biogas mixture (CH4 and CO2) 4. Laboratory equipment for nitrogen collection from digestate 5. Cogeneration power plant for autonomous electricity and heat supply to laboratory equipment 6. Laptop (2 pcs) 7. Portable biogas analysis device The created digital and research infrastructure helped create the final solution for the initial problem: 1. A biogas plant methane concentration-increasing module (technology) using biotechnological methods and second-generation CO2 (global novelty) 2. Sustainable Biomethane Production Module (Technology) with 0% Methane Emission (Global Novelty) 3. Ammonia Substrate Separation and Accumulation Module (Technology) (Market Novelty)

Provider: UAB ETKC