Client profile: AB Auga Group is the largest group of organic farming and investment companies in Lithuania and one of the largest in Europe

Challenge: Existing biogas and biomethane production technologies have major shortcomings in terms of sustainability, such as methane emissions in the biogas treatment process or relatively low methane emissions in the biogas itself, which makes biogas production and the use of biomethane economically unprofitable.

Solution: Development of more efficient technologies and processes for biogas and biomethane production

By investing in R&D non-analog digital and physical technologies were presented to the marker: 1. Technology for increasing methane concentration in biogas using biotechnological methods; 2. Technology for the use of second-generation carbon dioxide for the production of recyclable raw materials for biogas production; 3. Biomethane separation technology for biogas without methane losses; 4. The technology of ammonia separation from biogas and recycled substrates; 5. Technology for the balanced chemical composition and physical properties of substrates for biogas production; 6. Installations for the combustion of low and non-volatile methane gases using non-airborne gas mixtures. The various solutions were connected through novice digital platforms that help monitor and improve the components and services furthermore.

Provider: UAB ETKC