UAB ULA Technologies 08

Client profile: UAB Selteka is the leading provider of professional OEM and EMS services in Eastern Europe with over 50 years of experience in the electronics products market

Challenge: At high speeds (performance) of the technology line, there is a problem with the exact positioning of the product, which is still solved by complex and expensive methods (3D positioning with servo or stepping motors).

Solution: automatic universal adaptive robotizable digital technological devices

A thorough analysis of programming, testing methodologies, and systems was carried out. As a result, automatic universal adaptive digital robotizable technological devices were developed for marking, programming, calibration and functional testing of electronic products with the possibilities of dynamic video inspection for quality control, reducing the influence of human factor and probability of errors. The possibility of combining digital and technological equipment into a single modular, readily adaptable and controllable automatic line has been explored. After the implementation of planned R&D activities, a technological line was created in which as many as 5 different technological devices can operate and work in asynchronous mode, each of which is be able to process 2 identical products at the same time.

Provider: UAB ULA Technologies