UAB DocLogix 06

Client profile: Volfas Engelman AB, one of the oldest and largest beer producers in Lithuania

Challenge: Ineffective, non-standardized and difficult-to-control contract coordination processes. Billing into the system took a long time and resulted in errors.

Solution: SmartContract system

The intelligent DocLogix digital contract reconciliation solution was made-to-order and fully implemented in Volfas Engelman AB. The solution enabled a fully automated contract approval process. As a result, the length of the process was greatly reduced, as the managers and sales team members now can interact and approve the contract via mobile apps. The decision to install optical character recognition (OCR) technology led to a shortening of the billing system from 1 minute to 2 seconds. The result is a 1.5-day time saving within a 1 month period. In addition, human error count dropped down sharply.

Provider: UAB DocLogix